Acne Scar Treatment with Creams

One type of acne scar treatment is with the use of over the counter cortisone cream. According to dermatologists, the cream is effective for red or swollen scars. The skin cells absorb cortisone and decrease the inflammation.

Once the swelling is down, the next step is to use a cream that will lighten hyper pigmentation left from the acne scar. Look for creams that have kojic acid, arbutin, or vitamin C. There are several over the counter lightening creams on the market today. The bad news is that there are no over the counter creams to fill in the indentations left by acne.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Benefits of Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal treatment can be used on your chest, arms, legs, face, and other parts of the body where you want hair to be removed. Majority of patients who used the method experience permanent hair removal after three to five sessions.


The laser targets the hair and doesn’t damage the skin around it. It is a fast process. Small areas can be treated within a couple of minutes while bigger regions take 30 minutes to a maximum of an hour. Once the laser hair removal treatment is completed, you don’t need shaving, waxing or plucking. It is a permanent solution for your unwanted hair problems.

The procedure  is relatively safe, but there are some side effects and risks involved. This is why it is important to find the right skincare clinic for the job. After the treatment, it is normal to experience redness, swelling, and itching around the area where the hair was removed. These symptoms disappear after two to three days. To decrease the redness and to swell, you can apply ice after the treatment.


There are also some uncommon side effects related to this form of cosmetic treatment. These include discoloration of the skin, scabs, and acne. A trained professional can adjust the intensity of the laser to match the skin type of the patient.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams for Natural Beauty

Anti-Wrinkle Creams for Natural Beauty


Health and Beauty Anti Wrinkle Creams for Natural Beauty

Health and Beauty

With all of the anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle creams on the market there has to be some ingredient that makes them work so well. The most common ingredients in these products are vitamin C and Anti-oxidants. Vitamin C is known to combat the aging process and helps heal the skin in a natural manner. The anti-oxidants are great at protecting cells from damage that occurs to the skin over time. With these two ingredients combined, you can have healthy, beautiful skin in no time with these products. You will have to find the perfect cream for you, but it is out there!